A recipe for success!

  • In 1990, Dennis Perkins purchased The Brownie Baker. Dennis’ background in sales and marketing, along with his contacts in the convenience store industry, helped him turn this small “mom and pop” business into a nationally recognized wholesale bakery.
  • In 1994, The Brownie Baker incorporated purchased Carol’s Cookies.  A gourmet cookie twice the size of most others in the industry. Sales quickly rose, and before we knew it, became another niche in the market from which to capitalize.
  • In August of 1996, we moved to our third building in six years. This new and current facility has 45,000 square feet of Bakery and office space. This was quite an expansion considering our first building was only 2,800 square feet! 
  • Starting in 2009, Dennis shifted his focus toward building a stronger sales and operations team - bringing on Glenn Jones as the VP of Sales, Jeff Marchant as President, Mike Collins as Director of Operations and Ken Morgan as Western Region Sales Director.
  • Constant sales calls and numerous meetings paved the way for entry into Save Mart Supermarkets in 2012!  As consumers became more aware of The Brownie Baker and its prominent role in the baking industry, other grocers took notice. You can now find our gourmet pastries in Save Mart/Lucky, Food Maxx, Food 4 Less, CVS, Safeway/Vons and more!
  • In early 2013, our 8-pack Powdered Sugar, Frosted Chocolate and Crunchy Crumb Tiny Donuts were introduced!
  • The story is still not finished. We look forward to what's to come!
  • 2017 – Biggest packaging face-lift in our 38-year history! People eat with their eyes first, so we made our packaging just as sweet as our pastries!


Our Team

Top Row: 

  1. Ken Morgan (Sales Director)
  2. Ryan Perkins (Director of Marketing)
  3. Mike Collins (V.P of Operations)
  4. Dave Robinson (Director of Baking)
  5. Michael Lopez (Logistics)

Middle Row: 

  1. Villy Bergquam (Admin Assistant)
  2. Glenn Jones (V.P of Sales)
  3. Jackie Ireland (Customer Service)
  4. Jodi Cox (CFO)
  5. Allison Faulkner (Customer Service)

Bottom Row: 

  1. Dennis Perkins (CEO)