What is a Brownie Buck?






Brownie Bucks are the YELLOW labels printed on Brownie Baker products!

In order to earn a prize, you must save up your Brownie Bucks!

Our prize list is listed below. Please note that each Brownie Buck collected must be from the original packaging .


Prize List

1 label = 1 Brownie Buck.

  • Sticky Notes - 10 Brownie Bucks
  • Chip Keychain - 10 Brownie Bucks
  • Charger - 20 Brownie Bucks
  • Flex Hat - 25 Brownie Bucks
  • Utility Knife - 35 Brownie Bucks

How to redeem your Brownie Bucks?

  1. Collect Brownie Bucks! You have to start by cutting them off of the packaging so you can save to purchase a prize.
  2. Choose the prize you wish to purchase from our prize category. 
  3. Put your Brownie Bucks inside a sealed envelope and mail it to: The Brownie Baker, Inc. - 4870 w. Jacquelyn, Fresno Ca, 93722.

Make sure you have the prize listed you wish to redeem, along with a RETURN address inside the envelope! And that's it! Chip will mail you back your prize! The more Brownie Bucks you save, the more prizes you can redeem!