They say some of the best companies started from the garage, but since the oven is in the kitchen, we started there!  Our first treats were of course our delicious brownies, then came Cookies and Muffins.  Now, The Brownie Baker is proud to offer a wide array of impulse snacks with various flavors of Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Danish, Muffins and even Hispanic Pan Dulce!

The Brownie Baker is a wholesale manufacturer, specializing in the distribution of prepackaged pastries. Our products are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients. You can tell instantly in the taste and moistness of our baked goods.  Each and every pastry we make is baked from scratch, then individually wrapped to guarantee a healthy shelf life.  Whether you are buying a Muffin for Mom, a Donut for Dad or a Cookie for your co-worker, Brownie Baker snacks are the perfect portable pastry!

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Don’t forget to “collect and cash in” Brownie Bucks with every purchase and save up for your own Brownie Baker apparel! Click the brownie buck to find out how BB-Triangle